BE GREAT is an idea which communicates that within every child there is the potential for greatness and all of us play a vital role in helping young people find and achieve their dreams. It’s a call to action that speaks to how each target audience of this campaign can help kids reach their full potential:
  • To donors, BE the one to make a difference and support the cause .
  • To alumni, BE nostalgic and connect with your local Club.
  • To community leaders, BE influential and help champion our youth.
  • To staff and volunteers, BE motivated and excel at your work with kids.
  • To kids and teens -- BE awesome, BE amazing, BE anything you want to BE.
One opportunity can make a lasting difference in the life of a child. One dream can give a sense of purpose  for a lifetime. One voice can relay wisdom that resonates for generations. 

One Boys & Girls Club can give hope to an entire neighborhood. One person like you can help fulfill the dream of a brighter tomorrow for more children in our community. BE the difference! 

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