Wish List

Wish List!

You can make a difference in creating a GREAT club experience for the youth at the Club! 
If you are interested in granting a wish, please contact our 
Administrative Office (760) 770-4965

Basketball League Sponsorship

Sponsorship for our in-house basketball league... 
-Basketball Jerseys
-Trophies/ Medals
-Basketball Banquet Celebration
-Water for the Teams
-Basketball Equipment (balls, scorebook, whistles)

Indoor Soccer League Sponsorship

Sponsorship "in house" Indoor Soccer League
-Indoor Soccer Jerseys
-Trophies/ Medals
-Indoor Soccer Banquet Celebration
-Indoor Soccer Equipment )balls, scorebook, whistles) 

Power Hour Party Sponsorship

Power Hour is an incentive-based homework program, where the motto is "Learn More, Earn More". Members are encouraged to complete their homework at the club and participate in educational activities to earn points. Members who make it to the "Top 10" from each Ed Center are invited to a celebration at the end of the program period. A sponsorship can provide incentives and prizes for members participating in the program like gift certificates, food for the celebration, or certificates. 

Electronic Score Board 

Used for any organized or "drop in" sports and activities in the Gym. 

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service 

Beautify our Club 

Fooseball Table 

Add to Games Room fun!  

Ping Pong Table

Add to Games Room fun!  
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