"Volunteering at the Cathedral City Boys and Girls Club is one of my most favorite things to do. Spending time with the kids improves my life!"
-Elizabeth Grant, BGCCC Volunteer

Adult Volunteers

Looking for an opportunity to give back to your community and gain a wealth of experience in return? Are you interested in making a difference in the lives of youth in your community? If you answered “yes” you are just the type of adult we are looking for as a volunteer.
Volunteers fill a variety of roles, including helping with homework, coaching sports teams, assisting administratively, helping to run programs, and competing in our games rooms. Volunteers can either come in with a passion to share; something that with staff support gets turned into a weekly program, or volunteers can just have some time to dedicate to our members.
  1. Apply: Fill out a Volunteer Application
  2. Pass a Background Check: In order to keep our kids safe, it is our policy that all adults who are spending time in our building have passed a background check. The consent for this is included in the volunteer application. 
  3. Orientation/ Tour: All new volunteers must attend an orientation to learn more about our Club and our programs, as well as our current volunteer needs. Orientations are held at least once a month and last about one hour.
  4. Interview: Spend some time talking with our Director to help determine your best placement. We want to best utilize your time and talents while fulfilling our greatest needs.
  5. Make a difference! Spend time impacting your community in a direct and meaningful way (and have a lot of fun too)!
Volunteer Application

Here's what a couple volunteers have to say... 

John Marksbury
"One of my favorite activities is seeing our young gardeners perform tasks many have never done before. I like how they learn to work as a team to learn patience and attention to detail."
-John Marksbury
Garden Club Volunteer 
"I love helping with homework. It's so much fun to see them experience "aha!" moments. Also, I enjoy helping them with their reading. It's amazing to see just how quickly they become better readers. They just need someone to listen."
- Elizabeth Grant
Education Center Volunteer

Youth Volunteers

Youth volunteers are high school students who are interested in giving back to their community while learning meaningful leadership and job skills. Youth volunteers are valuable role models for younger members and often are assisting them with programs, homework, & sports in addition to special planned activities by our Teen staff. 
  1. All Youth Volunteers must become a current member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cathedral City. 
  2. Youth Volunteers are enrolled in our Leaders in Training Program, and report to the Teen Director or Branch Director at their site. 
  3. Youth Volunteers must also fill out a Volunteer Application.
  4. Youth Volunteers must provide us with time cards or paper work from the program that the community service is required. 
  5. Youth Volunteers must initial and sign Volunteer Agreement which outlines rules, expectations, skills for working with younger members and the community, and upcoming volunteer opportunities with their direct supervisor.
We welcome all students from high school academies like Workability, AVID, HEAL, DATA, etc. We do not accept court ordered community service. 

"The community service opportunities I took part in was my favorite. It gave me something to do on the weekends, and really helped my college applications stand out. "
-Nijah L.
Leaders In Training
"It's been a great way to earn community service hours for school. My favorite is being in the gym with the kids, not just helping with supervision, but actually running games and playing with the kids."
-Patrick F. 
Leaders In Training
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